equatorial gin

The flavors are inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine combined with spices from the Spice Islands. The result serves a complex, yet refreshing gin.

Aromatic citrus and lemongrass on the nose. Light, clean and subtle grape, ginger and juniper notes on the front palate, followed by a light spice and finished with 11 different peppercorns.

Equatorial Gin achieves its complexity through the use of 30 different botanicals coupled with its grape base and is uniquely crafted with a second pot distillation made in 60 gallon batches.

Classic Martinis, 50/50 Martinis, Gin & Tonic. Adds depth to a Negroni or neat.
Equatorial Gin
Aromatic citrus & lemongrass on the nose

equatorial amaro

Improving traditional Italian Amari with an elevated twist. Finally what Amari should taste like.

Rich, floral overtones on the nose with an earthier inhale, Equatorial Amaro lends a light bitterness on the front palate that drives herbal, clove and cinnamon notes finished with a bittersweet pepper flavor.

Our Equatorial Gin base provides our Equatorial Amaro with a unique complexity with deep, bold flavors made in 30 gallon batches.

Unique Modifier to Whiskey in a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.
Amaro Negroni (Classic).
Simple on it’s own or added depth to cocktails.
Equatorial Amaro
Rich & floral overtones on the nose with an earthier inhale

BarMatt   bitters

japanese pepper

The wonderful vegetable quality of these Japanese pepper bitters go hand in hand with your favorite Tequila or Mescal, however further exploration with a range of spirits and dishes will stimulate both the mind and the taste buds.

Mildly hot, somewhat vegetal.


Peychauds original!
Nawlins, The Big Easy, New Orleans brings to mind hot sticky air punctuated by rounds of Sazeracs while sitting on a verandah. Try my hibiscus bitters in your Sazerac or any other cocktails calling for citrus.

Licorice, anise & wormwood.


BBQ in the south is all about the sauce and every bbq joint worth a darn had to have it's own unique sauce recipe. All those sauces had several things in common: just the right amount of flavor, spice and heat. Informed by countless bbq's growing up in the south my backyard bitters can take any of your cocktail recipes up a notch. Whether you prefer whiskey sours, bloody mary's or margaritas or just want to marinate meats with them, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Smoky, lap-sang suchon tea - green tea smoked over pine needles - with notes of brown and yellow mustard seed, smoked chipotle and peppers.


Food of the Gods, Ka'Kau' as it was known in the Maya language, has been a decadent flavor for thousands of years. This history inspired me to create a one of a kind bitters honoring the native cultures of what is today Mexico. Raw cacao married to habanero, serrano and jalapeno peppers playing off other spices and herbs gives you the opportunity to add any amount of heat to your favorite cocktails.

Chocolate-pepper bitters and shrub hybrid. Nice nose of cacao paired with intense heat of Habanero, Serrano and Jalapeño peppers and shrub in the same bottle.

MEET BarMatt

BarMatt Bitters was created with a passion for the age-old trade of cocktail mastery. What originally started as a social conversation within the walls of a tiny San Francisco apartment, has flourished into a unique line of in-demand speciality products in bars, restaurants and local shops throughout San Francisco, Chicago & New York.

Created as a testament to the craft, BarMatt looks towards the scientific aspect behind cocktail mystery believing a cocktail can be created by mixing two ingredients that might not work well together or two perfect matches. BarMatt Bitters pays attention to real flavor. An everyday cocktail like a Pina Colada can go along way when made with fresher and more realistic ingredients such as a coconut infused rum as opposed to something store bought. No dyes, food coloring or artificial flavors are used in BarMatt Bitters.

After having spent the last four years creating and distilling bitters BarMatt has decided to expand his name. BarMatt’s Amaro, originally based on a bitters called Buddha’s Bitters that was never put out. Using the BarMatt Gin as a base an Amaro that improves on traditional Italian Amari was born. What set out to be another bottle of bitters brought together two liquors, expanding BarMatt’s product in the most scientific ways.


If you have any questions about the products or pricing, please feel free to email me.
barMatt products sold at Epicurean Trader, Local Cellar & Noe Valley Wine Merchant in San Francisco. Ledger's Liquors in Berkeley and Broadway Liquors in Oakland.


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